Sunday, 22 April 2012

Inspirations and references

Inspiration is something that doesn’t grow on trees and is not a thing that you can buy at a convenience store. Inspiration is something that grows from a feeling a sensation a memory, when your happy or sad, when you look at the sea or out of your apartment window.
Inspiration is in fact everywhere and you just have to let yourself go and let it command your actions.
That was exactly what I’ve did in “normal days”, I’ve just picked some random sounds and went with the flow.

This track as several distinct but very important musical references and not all directly linked to the electronic music genre.
There’s still some references to artists like Air or Archive, that refer to a more electronic sound but for this production I’ve used mainly as inspiration the sounds of bands like Pink Floyd and Supertramp.
I know it may sound weird, and it may look difficult to understand how this two amazing rock bands can inspire a electronic production, but I didn’t create a Pink Floyd or a Super Tramp music with beat, instead I used the feelings that those bands invoke on me to create an original production that may, as it does to me, give the feeling of déjà vu.

Supertramp and Pink Floyd

Despite all the music references and inspirations this music still has its own identity and it is by its own right a good track.
“normal days” is a very melodic track that tries to push the boundaries of rock and electronic music to their limit, without compromising the inspiration and with the intention of universally link this two amazing but nevertheless different genres of music.

Hope You enjoy.

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