Sunday, 8 April 2012

Benevolence - A chillout music

“Benevolence” is a mix of Trip Hop and Jazz that combined makes a very powerful and unexpected result.

When I was making this music I really didn’t have something particular in mind and I just allowed myself to go with the flow. The only thing I was certain was that this music would have a more chill out approach.
I started with the beat winch I’ve got my inspiration on artists like Massive Attack, Portishead or even Thievery Corporation.
Then came the Bass selection, also a very important peace in this music, nothing fancy just a simple bass with some echo and delay effects that unexpectedly made a perfect match with the beat and gave the impression that they were meant to play together all the time.
The third and I believe the most important peace on this music is the trumpet riff, used in this music to give that jazz vibe, tuned with some distortion and delay effects to give a jazzier club sound.

This chill out music is, of all the productions I have made so far, one of my favorites and one that I’m really proud.

Hope You enjoy.

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