Sunday, 13 April 2014

The day a man lost his balance

A man sits in a chair that lies in a room with four walls white as light. Nothing more exists, no doors, no windows and no sound, just four walls white as light.
Has he sits in the middle of this muted room an urge consumes him to stand up, and as he tries to do so he loses his balance and falls on the ground.

Now He lies on the ground unable to move. He unsuccessfully tries to stand on his feet but stubbornly loses his balance and keeps falling over and over.
Completely exhausted and lying on the ground he looks up and notices a small black dot perfectly placed in the middle of the ceiling.

The man looks around and notices the chair is gone and now nothing more exists, no doors, no windows, no chairs and no sound, just four walls white as light and a small black dot in the ceiling.
He stretches his arm up toward the ceiling and tries to reach that strange dark anomaly. This movement feels natural to him, familiar, and despite the abysmal distance the fact is that he manages to touch the dot.

Darkness absorbs him and he falls asleep.

A man sits in a chair that lies in a room with four walls black as night. Nothing more exists, no doors, no windows, and no sound just four walls black as night.

Hope You enjoy,

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Out of the anonymity

“Freedom of Speech” is an old production that I created back in 2012, this track only now, 2 years after its creation, reaches out from the anonymity. The reason is simple, in that time I really didn’t think it had the material or vibe that I would like to be associated to “The Halfgame” image.

“Freedom of Speech” was mostly an experiment associated to a season mood. I just wanted to play with some new music techniques that I had just learn and was exited to see how it would sound in a more underground platform.

The almost 10 minute length that is this track makes it one of my longest productions ever, but that doesn’t seem to retract it from being a very immersive and interesting music. By the contrary it makes it more special and mysterious.

With a political vibe, winch was not intended, this music really stands out from all my other productions, not only because of its originality but also because of the deep grove that resonates throughout the entire track.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Goodbye to enter the dense rain

“goodbye” is my latest music production. This track was created in a weekend were the sun struggle to enter the dense rain. Because of that “goodbye” tends to sound a bit depressive and melancholic, but that is not all bad.

Divided in 3 parts this music starts with a simple beat complemented by a strong distorted bass riff. The harmonic pad that is heard was used to give body to the music and also create a dreamy feel.
The lead sound on this part is the spacey synth that really gives this music its distinct personality.
The second part starts at the music break and was created using some sax riffs, winch although similar in melodies helps break the music monotony.
The third and last part again uses the same spacey synth riff from the first part and is complemented with some percussion and guitar twists.

Diverting a little bit from my latest productions winch were mainly house inspired, “goodbye” is a more chill out and cinematic track. I really enjoyed all the creative process involving this music and I couldn’t be happier with the final result.

Hope You enjoy,

Sunday, 2 February 2014

New Year’s Resolution

If you’re anything like me, you must have indicted yourself with a New Year’s Resolution, mine apart from world peace and the end of world hunger was to produce more quality electronic music.

It might’ve been to hit a certain mood or vibe, create an original melody or develop a number of ideas in a day, etc. Whatever it was, I was getting to a bad start.

To break this tendency I committed myself in creating the most honest and pure music I could imagine.
For that I decided to think back to some of the most important lessons I’ve learned about music production, whether that was by listening to some of the most influential musicians or sitting alone staring at the computer screen as I tried to past the riffs in the most harmonic way I could.

Here are some methods and practices put to used from what I’ve learned from my past experiences, “Declaration”, a progressive house music that has a curious funky versus chill vibe.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Past the Future and Now

There is only past and future, present is an illusion that life created in order to give us hope so our actions although meaningless are necessary to be.

And here we are, the year is 2014, and as you read this words it’s a fact that they are already craved in the walls of the past and as hard you try there is no chance that they will ever be in your present.

And what about the future? We can only imagine, dream, and hope that our wishes and desires materialize in memories of the past, because…

… because there is no present.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Effective Groove

Trying to effectively create a music that touches that hidden side of sensibility can be a tricky achievement.
Sometimes is a mix of hard work and focus, other times simply luck. Effective Groove is something in between, although there’s some technical aspect and attention to its creation, the fact is that the sounds that compose this track and its natural harmonics are sheer luck.

Effective Groove starts with an angelic pad that is interrupted by the New York club type beat. The melodie that follows was created using a simple flute sound that although very simple really gives this track some sophisticated groove and helps set the tone for the rest of the track.
Again a very simple music created with a jazz vibe feel that turnout to be better than I expected.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all a very enjoyable Christmas, being this probably my last entry before the 25th of December.

Hope you find peace and music in your heart and enjoy this day with your family and those you love more.

Merry Christmas from The Halfgame.