Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Music from a vision

Creating music from a vision and interpreting it to reality is nearly impossible, and that was how "technology" was born, messing around with various layers trying to execute my vision and failing miserably. This seems to be a common aspect in all my productions. Normally I have an idea and start working on it. By default I begin my focus on creating the base line of the music winch can be the beat the bass or the melody.

Sometimes I struggle on this part and it´s easy to distract from my path and divert on a different route. 
This is where things start to get messy, when experimenting and creating sounds and loops that fit with the music vibe it’s easy to find one that immediately transforms in another idea and distracts me from my main objective.
That was exactly what happened with “technology”, at first I was looking for a progressive house vibe but after finding the bass I decided to see how it sounded in a slower tempo, so I reduce the music speed from the initial 125 bpm to 110 bpm, mixed the bass with a synth sound and there it was a completely different result of what was initially intended. 
After this there was no way back and I just let myself go and continued working on this new vision.

“technology” is a electronic music that as a French vibe to it, again the futuristic cyber-punk feeling is there although in a more timid presence. 
Strong on melody this music is filled with synth loops and piano and flute reefs, complemented by strings to give more depth, this gives this music a Dream vibe that is masked by a Breackbeat drum loop that modernizes the music without disrupting its personality. 
In the end I found that I've created something original and good to the point I needed to share with the world.

Hope You enjoy.

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