Saturday, 7 November 2015

Beauty is only Skin Deep

Skin Deep is my new track. This electronic house music was made without any kind of prejudice or self-assertion. Instead I just wanted to create something that differentiated from my latest productions.
The result was a music that although simple in its form still manages to stand out has one that can make my feelings arouse.

The track is divided in three parts, it start with a simple melodic bass that can be found throughout the entire track. In the second part the music develops in a progressive structure to a more classic house deep vibe with repetitive garage type sounds, when it reaches the third and final part both styles are combine into one culminating in a mixture that defines the groove of Skin Deep.

There is a kind of confident and forceful expression buried deep in this track that expresses my deepest feelings, views on the world of music, see if you can find them…

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Beat of Love (I don’t understand)

Beat of Love (I don’t understand) is my new production. This music follows the trend of my last creations, it’s a club house sound that although borrowing some inspiration from the late 90’s techno still maintains some originality and personality.

This production also relies on some experimentation and repetition of off key sounds, that gives an interesting twist to the track also adding a unique vibe.

There is also an attempt to create a more danceable and commercial sound, maintaining always my Halfgame vibe, with its rolling bass and deep beat that carries the slightly over six minutes track keeping it clean, fresh and groovy at the same time.