Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Velvet - original House music

“Velvet is the most commercial approach I’ve done so far to the electronic music genre. As inspiration I used the memories of the long nights spent at the Lisbon “Kremlin” dance club listening to the amazing music sets performed by the Portuguese “DJ Vibe”.

DJ Vibe performing
Those were some fantastic days. The years between the late 90th and 2005 were in my opinion one of the most fantastic and artistically productive eras to the electronic music genre.
Dance music was the thing and the electronic music bands started to flourish and get popular.
Bands like Prodigy, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Leftfield and so many others could be listen in almost every place and not only in dance clubs. It was usual to listen on the radio some wonderful house music mixing sets by the most famous Dj’s in the world.

With that in mind I began this creation by setting a Bass line, nothing fancy, just a regular Bass with a small twist in the end of the riff set winch elevates the bass note a few notes up. The drum beat is actually made out of two different riffs, the first one that can be heard right at the start of the music has a funky vibe that with the help of the equalizer had the bass reduced to the minimum in order to create a low-end stereo speaker effect.
The other drum beat is a simple four tempo beat that was used to give a more powerful feeling to the beat of the music.
The most important sounds of this music are the Synth, in total there are two main ones that have a crescendo sharp filter effect that is used throughout the most part of the music. This effect really gives some dynamic vibe to the track and is also used as a build up memento after the big break in the music.
Another sound that deserves to be mention is the jazzy piano riff that gives this music an original touch and also helps to break the monotony of the track.

About the title, you may ask why the name velvet? For some reason, that I cannot explain, this music reminds me of an old movie entitle “Blue Velvet”, so as an homage to one of the most wonderful and at the same time disturbing movie created by the master mind “David Lynch”, I’ve decided to call this music “Velvet”.

Hope You enjoy.

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