Sunday, 8 April 2012

Small sense - no boundaries music

“small sense”, is until now the most ambitious music I have produced so far. I really can’t categorize this peace and that is mainly due to the fact that it was produced without any compromise.

Again you can see the Massive Attack influences, mainly on the dark and sad vibe that is sense throughout the entire music.
The music begins with a Blade Runner synth type of sound, winch gives a kind of eighties vibe immediately followed by a very immersive bass line reminiscent of the music “Angel” from the 1998 Massive Attack acclaimed album, “Mezzanine”. The beat is very simple but that exist only in this music to give the slow tempo that was initially desire for this production.

A second synth is used, and again that futuristic cyber punk feeling is present giving this music a unique personality.
Throughout the music several FX are used in order to give a more dynamic structure to the music, one of those effects is a police radio communication that with the help of a delay and distortion effect gives the music an original touch.
Trip hop, electronica or even downtempo labels may be used to define the music genre and I accept them all. But in the end the final product was achieve without rules or boundaries winch resulted in “small sense”.

Hope You enjoy.

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