Sunday, 22 December 2013

Effective Groove

Trying to effectively create a music that touches that hidden side of sensibility can be a tricky achievement.
Sometimes is a mix of hard work and focus, other times simply luck. Effective Groove is something in between, although there’s some technical aspect and attention to its creation, the fact is that the sounds that compose this track and its natural harmonics are sheer luck.

Effective Groove starts with an angelic pad that is interrupted by the New York club type beat. The melodie that follows was created using a simple flute sound that although very simple really gives this track some sophisticated groove and helps set the tone for the rest of the track.
Again a very simple music created with a jazz vibe feel that turnout to be better than I expected.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all a very enjoyable Christmas, being this probably my last entry before the 25th of December.

Hope you find peace and music in your heart and enjoy this day with your family and those you love more.

Merry Christmas from The Halfgame.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Emergency... or not!

Is not every day that we doubt of our own capabilities for solving problems, be more positive, comprehensive and in general a better person…
… In a matter of fact now that I think about it every day I question myself, if I really am that person that I believe to be. Confusing, that’s because it is.

Technically Emergency is not a very impressive production but in my opinion that is its biggest strength. 
The simplicity of the beat and the harmonic synthesizer sounds that are included in this track are deliberately repetitive.
I was committed to create a deeper house vibe with a soft touch of sophistication and then break that monotony with a fresher sound.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Retro feels so good

“Feel so Good” is a strange track, on one side there’s a very modern and up to date vibe while in the other end is a pushing force that brings it to a more nostalgic retro groove.

To be honest this result was not intended. I definitely don’t have the talent to make such a conscious production. But the fact is that this accomplishment really made me proud.

This music really brings some memories and the more I listen to “Feel so Good” the more, the buried memories from the past, struggle to make their way out of the cemetery grave.

There was a time when house music was simple, unpretentious and liberating; those were the main reasons why I felt so attracted tor this type of music and why I decided to create my own original work.

“Feel so Good” starts with a clubish, funky grove with a strong bass, simple beat and soft melody. That funky vibe is complemented by an acapella voice that definitely creates that retro feeling and also helps break the track monotony.

Retro Feels so good
In the end “Feel so Good” existence is nothing more than amateur luck. The end result definitely wasn’t intended to be like this, but the fact, is that this track turnout to be a very danceable, original and a enjoyable retro track.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Bad Boy

Bad Boy, my latest production is definitely a more mature track one that reflects the evolution of my knowledge and understanding of the music creation process.

Although simple in its construction the fact is that this track is really effective. Not only it has a very sober and original vibe it also has a very modern and universal grove.

Bad Boy is a deep progressive house music with a jazzy vibe. Those o follow my blog already know how much I love that jazzy vibe, something that has been persistent throughout almost of my tracks.
This music is no exception, and that jazzy vibe really gives this track some personality giving it also a very sophisticated groove.

Similar to my oldest productions I’ve used again a funkier beat, complemented by a repetitive bass and piano riff that serves as the track base.
With soft transitions and some percussion twists, the tracks final touch is a small, also repetitive, trumpet riff that elevates and opens the track giving it a freshness that carries the music trough the middle until the end.

Again a very pleasuring experience winch I share with the world hopping that you enjoy as much as I did.

Hope you enjoy,