Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mundo Louco - House of the 90th

The Halfgame was founded on October 15, 2010. For a long time I've been experimenting on music production and found myself with a substantial music library.
This was the best way I found in order to share those creations with the world.
"Mundo Louco" was one of my first productions. My inspiration was the vibe of the late 90th when House Music was the thing.
This progressive house music is based on 3 simple rules, simplicity, soft melody and harmony, there is also some small soul and disco vibe that was so popular at that time.
The long music break that culminates with a rising effect transports the music to an explosion of sounds that was kind of a mandatory thing on this type of music and was very popular at dance clubs.
The beat as an African vibe to it and I believe it complements, along with the bass, the music perfectly.

Hope you enjoy, and see you soon.

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