Wednesday, 4 May 2016


There are times when life gives you a chance to change. Better put, life forces you to change.
It’s normal that people accommodate to the simple facts of life, don’t take risks and fall into the web of monotony. And you can keep going for ever in this never ending loop of inactivity.

The time has come and now I have the chance for changing, the chance of doing things differently.
Although I lack the courage life has taken care that I don’t have a choice and with that have the responsibility to act and face all the challenges that the upcoming future has in store for me.

Deep inside I knew that I needed to change, I knew that it was A QUESTION OF TIME.

This track is an example of change. Absolute Love takes all my years of music production and condenses into a music that reflects all the feelings and vibes that drive my motivation to create something new.

From nothing to something the difference is the will, and this will to create something new from nothing is what makes this track special.

Hope you enjoy,

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