Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Intimate Grove - African Vibe

“Safrique” is my new production, an intimate grove with an African vibe.
This track is built in two distinct parts separated by a big music break.

The first part is where the memento is set with a gradual increase of sounds and intensity. This section of the music relies heavily on deep and somewhat emotional tunes raging from Deep House, Trance and African beat.

The big break that occurs halfway into the music is used not only to increase the emotional link with the crowd but also to prepare them for the second part of the track.

Here a mix of Jazz is introduced to give some personality and originality. This also creates the illusion of freedom as if the repetitive vibe of the music that was present until now is broken by an eruption of oxygen.

This track is so far one of my favorites and really touches me at a personal level.
I Hope you really enjoy listening to “safrique” the same way I enjoyed making it.

Monday, 17 December 2012

It’s a beautiful day

And then one day, we wake up feeling we need something different.

I woke up at 07:15 this morning with some bad cramps, and I asked myself. - Am I getting old to the point that all of my hopes and dreams will never succeed?

I sit on the bed and look around and see four walls that suddenly feel strange to me. I’m all alone in this deserted room, its cold and all that I can hear is the humming signal of my turnoff TV.
I get up and walk in the direction of my bedroom window. Normally I would open the window’s shutters and let the sun in, but today I feel like leaving the world outside.

I walk out off my bedroom seeking some comfort in the freedom that the silence of the morning gives but immediately after exiting and closing the door on my back I feel the urge to turn back inside.
As I desperately turnaround and exercise my return to the safety of my prison I hear a sound coming from the other bedroom.

I stop for a moment as hopping that the sound is nothing more than a winter blow trying to force its whispers trough a small crack in a window.
I walk silently in the direction of the bedroom’s door and as I get closer I can hear a familiar sound getting louder.
I notice that the door is semi shut and although this may seem strange I feel a comfortable feeling of its displacement. As if it was intended and the whole purpose was to leave it open.

At this moment I know what I have to do. I open the door using all my ninja abilities and try silently to invade this dark and privy temple.
Inside I notice a small person figure lying down on a small bed moving very slowly as if awakening from a longtime sleep. I approach warily hoping not to scare this darkened figure step by step until I reach close enough to stretch my hand and touch the small person face.

As my skin reaches her chick a smile aluminates the room as if longing for my comfort, this small figurine as motivated by my actions says – I love you dad.
I lift my daughter in my arms and together we open the bedroom windows shutters, and guess what…

...It’s a beautiful day.


Hope You enjoy.
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