Thursday, 14 July 2016


The logical thing to do is the most unexpected and irrelevant one. When you think that you are in command the universe tends to balance himself.
Why struggle to challenge this when you know that there is no alternative to what will unfold?
Or is there?
I, for what is worth, will keep challenging the future. Why? Simply because I can… Maybe there is no point but this way life is a lot more fun, and who doesn’t like fun.

The Moon Lover is a simple music, not much happening here but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like this track. By the contrary I really love it and I believe its stronger point is its simplicity.

We can define this track has deep house, trending to a more commercial vocal vibe and club dancing style.
A strong simple beat complemented by a melodic bass sets the tone to this music. The monotony of the track is interrupted by an off tune synth and some vocal samples.
In order to give more substance I decided to include some piano riffs, this addition allowed for richer and full sound that perfectly complemented the track vibe. Some twist at the end and there it is, The Moon Lover, a simple beautiful track.

Hope you enjoy,

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