Thursday, 12 April 2012

Jazz, no question about it

On this production I've decided to go for a more traditional house vibe with a simple beat and some soft Jazz elements.
This translated in a more danceable music that despite at the beginning sounding somewhat a more commercial still manages to maintain its own unique identity. 

“Jazz” is by its own right a good track, simple beat, nice tunes and great melody. These three rules are the base foundations and serve as a guide for the rest of the creative process of the music 
The sounds and samples included on this music are all introduced in a slow and very smooth way into the track, this creates a very harmonic feeling were all sounds seem to blend perfectly.

There’s a sound that stands out from all other and that is the trumpet riff. This riff was introduced in order to give that Jazzy vibe that I so much like.
This sound gives that originality touch and at the same time helps to create a slower tempo illusion that helps to blend all the other sounds together.

I had some difficulty on finding a bass line that fitted with this music and at the last minute I’ve changed it completely and decided to mix two different basses that gave this music a somewhat funky feel.

And last but not list, so there is no doubt about the title of this track, you can ear throughout most part of the music a male voice continuously saying “Jazz”. Just by curiosity, after the beat this was the first sound to be included on the music.

Hope You enjoy.

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