Monday, 16 April 2012

House Technology - Part one

I feel the best way to review any music is to explain a little bit about their construction and what were the inspirations that lead to the final product.

For example, for the music “regardless of what you say”, I’ve got my inspiration on the classic House music sounds, the strong beat with 4 tempo Snare and Hit Hat accompanied by a funky Bass, simple but effective. I especially like the Bass sound that changes the music completely and sets the tone to the rest of the track.

After the first break a new sound is introduced. I’ve struggle on this part of the music and for a short time I almost give up on her. I’ve tried everything, Synths, Bass, Voice, Piano, Guitar and nothing worked. But then I remember, a very important rule that is – Keep it simple.
Almost by accident I found a Saxophone sample that with some simple twist, Distortion and echo effect, really workout perfectly.
This is very common on my productions, I try so hard to make an original sound that sometimes things get complicated and sometimes I forget this simple rule.

In the end in order to give this music some finishing quality touches, I’ve added some minor transition effects to smoothly connect the different parts of the music and also some Rhodes sounds that gave this music some personality.
And this is what “regardless of what you say” is, a simple music with strong beat and great melody.

Hope You enjoy.

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