Born in a little town in coast of Portugal, I first experienced electronic music in the early 90s, styles ranging from deep house, to trance and proper house music by Dj Vibe, Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez and so on. Later I was also greatly influenced by French house like Daft Punk, Cassius, and Étienne de Crécy, on the way collecting impressions of various styles, all influencing my perspective on electronic music.

My relationship with house music is closely attached to jazz a music genre that always has standout in most of all of my productions. I describe myself as a simple person, not following any pre-defined style and making music from my emotion and ambience.

The Halfgame blog was founded on October 15, 2010. For a long time I've been experimenting on music production and found myself with a substantial music library.

I admit that it was with some apprehensiveness that I gathered the courage to expose myself to this degree, but we only live once, and having all this music hidden in my embarrassment trunk would really be a shame.

For that and other reasons I’ve decided to create The Halfgame blog and submit all my music extravaganzas, exposing them to the scrutiny of the world. This was the best way I found in order to share those creations with the world.

Hope you enjoy and please, always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

The Halfgame, sunday 8 of April 2012.