Saturday, 8 March 2014

Out of the anonymity

“Freedom of Speech” is an old production that I created back in 2012, this track only now, 2 years after its creation, reaches out from the anonymity. The reason is simple, in that time I really didn’t think it had the material or vibe that I would like to be associated to “The Halfgame” image.

“Freedom of Speech” was mostly an experiment associated to a season mood. I just wanted to play with some new music techniques that I had just learn and was exited to see how it would sound in a more underground platform.

The almost 10 minute length that is this track makes it one of my longest productions ever, but that doesn’t seem to retract it from being a very immersive and interesting music. By the contrary it makes it more special and mysterious.

With a political vibe, winch was not intended, this music really stands out from all my other productions, not only because of its originality but also because of the deep grove that resonates throughout the entire track.

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