Sunday, 3 June 2012

Colered times...

Created on June, 3 of 2012, “Colors” is my number 12 music from my upcoming chillout album “Generations”.
This music has an Electronic rock vibe to it mixed together with some small house nuances.

There was a major artistic influence on the production of this track, these influence remotes to the memories back in 2002. “You all look the same to me” was the title of the third studio album of the amazing band ARCHIVE and one track really stand out from this outstanding album.
The name of this music was “Again”, this 16:19 minutes song was simply a work of art, the vocals, the guitar sounds, the bass, piano and strings, all sounds were perfectly tuned and symbiotically connected making this track one of the most immersive and pleasing to listen.
This song made me buy the album without even knowing the band or their work, I know now that this was the correct decision and a life changing one. 

“Colors” was inspired in the sensations felt when listening for the first time to ARCHIVE, the sensation of listening to a sound that at the same time sounded familiar but was so different from all the stuff I’ve heard before.
I know it sounds confusing but that was exactly how I felt when I listen to “Again” for the first time, possibly because of the massive amount of information which my little musician brain had to absorb.
There´s a kind of sadness in “Colors” winch was not originally my intention but as the music evolved that vibe transformed the music personality and made it to become in what it is now.

“Colors” is a electronic rock kind of music that borrows a lot of ideas from memories and feelings from the old days when music didn’t had to follow the commercial and tendency rules, were the experimenting was encouraged and were the freedom of music art creation was accepted by all.
I miss those times, nevertheless here is “Colors”.

Hope You enjoy,

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