Monday, 27 August 2012

Revelations - end of a cycle

“Revelations” closes the trilogy cycle of music productions inspired in a more commercial approach.
“Wolfmother”, “Filter” and now “Revelations” are my humble attempts of achieving a less alternative and a more appealing to the masses sound. My general idea is that I’ve accomplished my goal and the three music productions are somewhat a prove of that. They are easy to listen, danceable, commercial and at the same time original.

“Revelations” is a more mature music, in part due to the experience gain when working on “Wolfmother” and “Filter”.
The music structure is very similar and there were no major deviations to the previous formula, what makes the difference and set this music apart from the previous two are the small details that were implemented.

Some small nuances were added to give more deepness and body to it like low-end noises that are almost off tune and give a disconcerting and at the same time unique style, also the beat is more detailed and relies heavily on a afro vibe mixed with some filtered percussion sounds.
Throughout almost the entire music there’s a synth sound that changes tone like a wave up and down winch balances the music in perfect harmony, this sound is complemented by a lead synth that gives that French space vibe that I so much enjoy.

“Revelations” is a great way to end this cycle, one that gave me great pleasure and experience for my future music productions.

Hope You enjoy.
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