Monday, 6 August 2012

Filter - Another commercial track

This will be the second music from a trio of electronic music productions that I’m currently working on. On my previous post I’ve showed the track “Wolfmother”, being that the first piece, a short and very commercial driven music.

“Filter” follows on the steps of “Wolfmother”, also attempting to create a more commercial and danceable tune, winch for me appears to be an almost impossible task. This time however I’ve tried to expand things a little bit and using the experience recently gain when creating “Wolfmother”, I’ve tried to create something more than just a commercial music and gave it my personal touch in order to produce an exciting and original vibe.

This approach resulted on “Filter”. This music relies heavily on a buildup technique winch is used to enable the creation of a memento that culminates, immediately after the big music break, in a explosion of sounds that tries to bring the dance floor to ecstasy.

I’m very proud with what I’ve accomplished and this track is certainly one of my favorites so far. “Filter” is a simple commercial, but at the same time, original track that I humbly present to you hoping you enjoy it as much as I.

Hope You enjoy.

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