Sunday, 2 September 2012

Be Ready - Life changing moment

There are times in life when we are force to grow, these unexpected life moments happen in cyclic time and normally without warning. Throughout my life I’ve experienced a couple of them, some more traumatic than others, and although I try to withhold the most positive aspects of this learning process, the truth is that the negative aspects some time take hold of me.

I not a quitter and this will not be the first time I feel disappointed with life but again this in no time to give up. “be ready” is a music that reflects the persistence and resilience that motivates my walk through life.
Keep it simple is the motto for this production, simple beat, simple moody synth bass, some harmonic lead synth and several percussion and sound effects that complement the vibe.

This happy tune music is a good example of the abstract creation process and the power that resides on human emotions when used as an inspiration tool.
The technique used on the music buildup resembles my previous productions with strong emphasis on a French vibe with retro disco sounds.

Although all the negative aspect used as inspiration for creating this music the fact is that this production as a very happy vibe and is also very danceable. This is my way of saying that again I’ve endure and persisted and definitely rose from a life changing moment like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Hope You enjoy “be ready”

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