Monday, 17 September 2012

Dancing Girls

“Dancing girls” is my latest production winch relies heavily on soft harmonic sounds, together with some jazz influences.
This production deviates a bit from my latest’s works, winch were a more commercial house driven approach.

This electronic chillout music, although simple in construction, it’s a very cinematic and, I risk to say, sensual track. The melodic repetitive sounds give this music a unique vibe that forces my mind to imagine dancing girls moving in a slow almost sexy way.
As inspiration I’ve used my memories from the sounds that I recall from the acclaimed TV show, Fame. This American television series originally produced between 1982 and 1987 really influenced the way this music turned out to be. Maybe that’s why I associate this music to dance.

There’s also a big 80’s vibe that supports “Dancing girls”, this vibe was intended in order to give a retro feeling and also maintain some purity regarding my original inspiration.
Complementing the music and in order to give it more depth a I’ve included a saxophone melody that apart from giving that jazz vibe that I so much like also gives some diversity to the repetitive beat, bass and synth that can be heard throughout the music.

If you really like this music you should also listen to “normal days” winch as a similar vibe and is on my top ten favorite productions.

Hope You enjoy.
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