Thursday, 17 May 2012

Jazz about nothing

This is me returning to an old and familiar format, being that, house music mixed with a Jazz vibe. This is definitely the style that I feel more comfortable and the most pleasuring one for me.
In my opinion this two styles really make a perfect combination, the energy of house music, with its simple beats some hit hats and bass, put together with Jazz music, being that trumpets, sax or piano, just makes me light feeling.

I don’t know if it is the deepness or soul of the house music or the improvisation of the “doing what you feel” of the Jazz vibe that makes this mixture so especial to me but the fact is that I feel very comfortable when creating this type of sound.
“Jazz about nothing”  is a music that invokes some very positive feelings and definitely brings some good memories from my young days when venturing trough the dance music world.

My first contact with this style of music was at a friend’s house. He was showing me is record collection and immediately one of its records called my attention. It was an old vinyl record with only two tracks, one on each side.
The record was poorly wrapped in a white paper cover and had written at hand in big black letters just the words “made in New Jersey”.
I removed the record from its packaged and put it on my friend’s turntable. As soon as the record started playing I knew that I was being presented with something deeply life changing, at least for me, it was like my musical sensibility had been slapped causing the elimination of musical barriers I didn’t know that existed.

This slap in the face moment was a turning point for me and a big inspiration for my future as an amateur music producer. Obviously there were other genres and styles of music that influenced my musical preferences and tastes but this Jersey house music vibe really caused a great impression and marked my musical life forever.

“Jazz about nothing” is a reflection of those influences; this music is marked by Jersey vibes like the deepness of the house beat accompanied by the funky repetitive bass and complemented by the jazzy vibe of the immersive trumpet riffs.
Summarizing this music is pure house music, at least as I imagine pure house music should sound.

Hope You enjoy.

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