Thursday, 24 January 2013

House music with a twist...

“Spring Love”, my most recent production, is a simple house music with a twist. This track begins with a very simple four tempo beat that is complemented with a soft afro vibe.
As the music progresses and new sounds are added to the mix it becomes clear that this is a very difficult track to fit into a specific genre or style of dance music.

This clubish house music gains its strenght on the mix of synth sounds that varies from french house sintesyzers to a more american house vibe loops.
This mixtures of styles give this music a very unique groove that sets it appart from any other track that I’ve produced so far. I dont know if it is the slow tempo of the synth loops or the lack of the jazzy vibes that are a trademarks for most of my productions.

Your opinion is very important to me and I would like very much for you to leave your comments and thoughts about my work. Please feel free to post them, all will be welcome. 

For now I’ll leave you with my last prodiction hopping that you enjoy.


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