Sunday, 20 January 2013

Deep Down memory lane

“Deep Down” is my latest production. This progressive tech House music relies on strong beats and deep house synths. Originally this music had a very strong distorted bass sound, but as the track progressed I had to remove it. There was some kind of displacement on that sample that didn’t really fit the groove.

After that the music was totally redone and then it became what it is now.
There’s also a 80´s vibe deep buried inside that wasn’t intentional but turn out to be very surprising and gave this track some kind of unique vibe.

There’s a long break in the music that was used to reduce the monotony of the track. In that break you can hear a French voice sample that reinforces that deep house vibe. That´s a very impressive voice sample that I wanted to include in this track no matter what.

This track was produced using as inspiration some of the late 90’s tech house and deep house tracks that were very popular in those days. I really enjoyed producing this music and revisiting some of those wonderful memories. I even included, just for fun, a small sound sample from one of my favorite late 90's records. See if you can discover what it is.

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