Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Intimate Grove - African Vibe

“Safrique” is my new production, an intimate grove with an African vibe.
This track is built in two distinct parts separated by a big music break.

The first part is where the memento is set with a gradual increase of sounds and intensity. This section of the music relies heavily on deep and somewhat emotional tunes raging from Deep House, Trance and African beat.

The big break that occurs halfway into the music is used not only to increase the emotional link with the crowd but also to prepare them for the second part of the track.

Here a mix of Jazz is introduced to give some personality and originality. This also creates the illusion of freedom as if the repetitive vibe of the music that was present until now is broken by an eruption of oxygen.

This track is so far one of my favorites and really touches me at a personal level.
I Hope you really enjoy listening to “safrique” the same way I enjoyed making it.

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