Monday, 1 October 2012

The random desert - a movie buff life

Movies were always a big part of my life and naturally are a big influence in my process of inspiration when creating music.
Not long ago I’ve revisited one that really made a mark on my movie buff life, the name of that cinema masterpiece was “Lost Highway”.
This 1996 American psychological thriller written and directed by David Lynch had, in addition to its thoroughly surreal plot and characters, one of the most diverse and inspiring soundtracks ever.

As I watched “Lost Highway”, all the movie sounds and music that were kept deeply buried in my mind emerged and persisted in a stubborn wish to hum the hypnotic melodies that remained after the credits roll. “The random desert” is a reflection of the emotions translated to sound as I process all the information gathered throughout the visioning of the David Lynch disturbing, magical and unique work. There’s obviously a cinematic vibe cradling this music winch gives it a really unique vibe and sets it apart from all the other creations I’ve done so far.

Hope You enjoy.
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