Monday, 29 October 2012

Dalliance - A brief love affair

It´s not every day that one music breaks from the convoluted process of creation and expands beyond, gaining life on its own, this happened with Dalliance. Immediately after placing the first sound in the grid I knew that this music was going to be special.

What started to be another flimsy track, strangely grew an exciting vibe that morphed the entirely grove emancipating itself.
I knew that this music was no longer my own creation, something more powerful was controlling me and I was only one’s tool of creation.

This brief love affair erupted and could no longer be contained, not even one hundred men with guns could swerve me from my path. The line was plotted in a way that was unalterable and I was very happy with that.
Every sound was delivered one after another in a methodical and symphonic way as if I was being conducted by a long time ethereal maestro, each one pasting perfectly in harmony as if they were meant to be together all the time. I knew that this was going to become the PERFECT MUSIC.

Then without warning the lights went off in my house, my computer screen was black as the darkest night. I panic, I cry, my work lost, my brief love affair disappeared, vanished, gone.
Why? I asked myself. Why give me this brief magic moment of delectation for then disown in a sudden lifeless moment of despair?

Ten minutes later the lights went on. I was afraid to turn on my computer since I didn’t remember the last time I’ve saved my work. If I knew how, I would have prayed the gods begging for a miracle, but I didn’t know how, I’m not a catholic, I was alone.
Waited for four hours until I had the courage to turn on the computer and see if there were any survivors to this light tsunami.
I pressed the on button. The computer took what seemed an eternity to startup and when finally I was able to access the music file and check its integrity I was presented, to my dismay, with an empty file.

And suddenly as it appeared, my brief love affair vanished in sorrow into to the guts of the black hole of darkness.

Hope You enjoy.
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