Sunday, 11 May 2014

First Steps

First Steps is my latest production. For this music I used some very unique samples which helped create a nice retro vibe.

This is probably my first music that doesn’t use a Bass loop on its main structure, instead and in order to create the same effect I use a very subtle Rhode loop which can be heard to almost the entire track.

There’s also a very persistent Jazzy chill out vibe that is given by some flute sounds and loops, this was included to give a more summerish on the beach type of thing, giving this track a somewhat commercial Ibiza vibe.

In order to break the track monotony, I’ve used a small trick. During the song and on three separate occasions a specific sample is raised two octaves up. The twist, although short, really helps give this track a very unique and sophisticated groove.

First Steps is a good track, one of those that by some strange consequences are created in a very fast and harmonic way and without almost any effort. I’m really happy with the end result especially because First Steps was my first music which arrived after a long period of time without being able to create a track that artistically I could be proud of.

Hope You enjoy,

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