Sunday, 2 February 2014

New Year’s Resolution

If you’re anything like me, you must have indicted yourself with a New Year’s Resolution, mine apart from world peace and the end of world hunger was to produce more quality electronic music.

It might’ve been to hit a certain mood or vibe, create an original melody or develop a number of ideas in a day, etc. Whatever it was, I was getting to a bad start.

To break this tendency I committed myself in creating the most honest and pure music I could imagine.
For that I decided to think back to some of the most important lessons I’ve learned about music production, whether that was by listening to some of the most influential musicians or sitting alone staring at the computer screen as I tried to past the riffs in the most harmonic way I could.

Here are some methods and practices put to used from what I’ve learned from my past experiences, “Declaration”, a progressive house music that has a curious funky versus chill vibe.

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