Monday, 2 December 2013

Bad Boy

Bad Boy, my latest production is definitely a more mature track one that reflects the evolution of my knowledge and understanding of the music creation process.

Although simple in its construction the fact is that this track is really effective. Not only it has a very sober and original vibe it also has a very modern and universal grove.

Bad Boy is a deep progressive house music with a jazzy vibe. Those o follow my blog already know how much I love that jazzy vibe, something that has been persistent throughout almost of my tracks.
This music is no exception, and that jazzy vibe really gives this track some personality giving it also a very sophisticated groove.

Similar to my oldest productions I’ve used again a funkier beat, complemented by a repetitive bass and piano riff that serves as the track base.
With soft transitions and some percussion twists, the tracks final touch is a small, also repetitive, trumpet riff that elevates and opens the track giving it a freshness that carries the music trough the middle until the end.

Again a very pleasuring experience winch I share with the world hopping that you enjoy as much as I did.

Hope you enjoy,

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