Sunday, 31 March 2013

Arise in a raining day

Today is raining again, is it me or my temperament somehow controls the weather?

Having nothing better to do I decided to make some music. So with that in mind and with the sound of rain in the background, together with my inspiration I started randomly to construct, with an unwilling desire, the music Arise.

At the beginning I didn’t have a clear idea of what sound was I really searching and honestly I wasn’t too worried about that or with the final result.

It’s not the first time that my boredom diverts me from my goal causing me to disperse and depart from my initial purpose. Most of the times that absent-mindedness is responsible for planting a frustrating sentiment causing me to abandon my unfinished work.

In this case that same frustrating sentiment was responsible for the creation of Arise. As the rainy boredom took hold of my mind I was compelled to experiment and wander through the music samples pasting them in an uncommitted way. Although there’s a random vibe to Arise, I believe that the final product came out pretty good. This track represents a mood a feeling and as I listen to her I almost can hear the rain in the back of my head.

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