Sunday, 8 September 2013

Happy Funky Club Vibe

Abduction and Lemonade are my latest music productions, this two funky house tracks although very similar in their construction and groove, are also different and each with its own unique personality.

These two productions were created in one week and with only one day apart from each other. The inspiration used was for the most part the same, with a happy funky club vibe, ransacked from my old memories of the early 80’s disco fever groove mixed with some French space sounds.

Abduction starts with a funky guitar vibe which sets the tone for the music grove. This guitar riff is then complemented by a very preeminent bass and background disco sound.

The first part of the music has a jazzier vibe to it, in part due to the sax and piano sequence winch gives the music a very interesting vibe.

After the break the space French sounds are introduced. This sounds helps caries the music to a mellower groove without losing its funky vibe.
The music ends in evolving calmness winch resembles to body levitation, as being abducted by aliens from the ground up to their spaceship.

Lemonade like Abduction is also a very funky music. With a persistent groovy bass riff complemented again with some spacey French sounds.
This track is simpler in its construction and also has a more uplifting groove winch is constant across the entire track.

Creating this two tracks was something that gave me genuine pleasure, maybe because of that, they were done in just one week. These productions reflect in fact a state of mind and spirit one I share with all of you through these funky, spacey and 80’s grooved musical pieces.

Hope You enjoy,

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